Starbucks Barista and the Tattoo

There is this barista at Starbucks today. She is a trainee or a new intern. The warmest smile pasted in her face, she took my order and I noticed she has a neat tattoo.on the back of her ear. Could not decipher whether it is a coffee or wine glass. But it was cool. 😎😎😎😎


Sing a song

Where’d you wanna go?
How much you wanna risk?
I’m not looking for somebody
With some superhuman gifts

Dear Pune: Peth Area

Dear Pune,

You have a slice of my homeplace in the Peth areas. Old places never cease to charm me and having made it a temporary abode at a PG, has led me to foster warm friendships and meet people who are as simple as simple should be. Never change.



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Sacred Games – Ya, Ya. I Started Watching It.

I started with Sacred Games after 2338538438699 people have already devoured the entire series. I am slow. And I am proud of it. Because I am finding it disturbing (the gore, the profanity) on many levels. Not even through one episode, but immensely like how a book has been adapted into this series. Which is, not a surprise given the fact the creative geniuses at the helm.

So anyway, it is going to be 1 episode every two or three days. 😀

Moon Obsessions


We all want a piece of the moon for ourselves.

But I don’t get the obsession.

It is after all, a circular, white disk of object in space.


When Puneri Auto People Go “Gheunn Taak”!!

I’m on my two months in the city and apart from “Patkan”, the other new word I have added to my repository of Marathi words and phrases is “Gheun Taak” (let it be/leave it). More than anything else, one place or one niche where I am experiencing a lot of “Gheun Taak” is Pune’s Autowala’s. Who, will not take you to places they won’t like. Ask exorbitant rates (3 times), when they see a person literally stranded.

I think they are also staunch believers in Vastu/Feng Shui. Because they will not budge from their afternoon siesta, morning cuppa or going in one-way/crowded locales. Priorities. Priorities.

And they will use their code words and push each other to take the passenger. But won’t ever move a muscle when they are in their elements.

All they want to say is Gheun Taak to passengers like me. Who faced the same problem irrespective of going to office 3 km away or PG 6 km away.

Then they blame OLA, Uber for eating into their livelihood. *slow clap*

Titanium – Not by Sia

What doesn’t break you, makes you stronger.

What is broken, can be fixed sometimes.

Wounds will heal. Scars will remain.

Should probably sleep.

Bits and pieces