Mini-Stories: Sparta!



“This is Spartaaa…”. He yelled.

“Indeed.” Said she.

The cruise ship inched closer towards the Greek city.

History was revisited, this time out of the textbooks!






50 Things The year 2016 Taught Me


Another year comes to a close. For me, this year has been an immense learning experience. Here I am sharing with you some of the things that the outgoing year taught me, in no particular order:

  1. How not to make an omelette.
  2. The value of money.
  3. Marriage is not for everyone.
  4. Some wounds never heal.
  5. It is important to watch more movies.
  6. History will always repeat itself.
  7. Murphy’s Law is for real.
  8. Some men are asses.
  9. Some women are asses too.
  10. Sometimes goodbye is the only way.
  11. Backstabbers are hit by Karma.
  12. Karma hits everyone.
  13. It is easy to move on.
  14. It is easy to cut off.
  15. Happiness is found within.
  16. Internet is boon and bane.
  17. Digital detox is a must.
  18. You don’t need Snapchat to survive.
  19. Other people’s heartbreaks can scar you for life.
  20. Knowledge can make and break you.
  21. Be a giver. 
  22. It is difficult to love someone completely.
  23. It is easier to fall in love with a dog.
  24. Dogs are depressed too.
  25. French is difficult.
  26. Nightmares can turn into reality and scare the daylights out of you.
  27. It is not good to expect a lot from J.K.Rowling.
  28. #Using #Hashtags #Can #Be #Pain
  29. You can write a blog without using profanity.
  30. George R R Martin is slower than a sloth.
  31. US Presidential Election was entertaining.
  32. Chetan Bhagat never learns.
  33. TV is passe. 
  34. Indian arranged marriages are 99% sham.
  35. We need more dinosaur movies.
  36. Blogging can be a sweet re-vent.
  37. One can never have too many diaries or books.
  38. People will never take lessons from past.
  39. It is fun to be awake at 3 am and do nothing.
  40. You never have to apologise for things you never done.
  41. Always take backup. Always.
  42. We need more Nifflers.
  43. All that glitters is not gold.
  44. I am not a cat person.
  45. Wearing traditional garb can take up to 3 hours.
  46. Never trust someone who talks sickly sweet.
  47. All hypocrites say they are not hypocrites. CC: Gold-diggers.
  48. Laughter is the best medicine. Sleep is the second best.
  49. Hard work and blessings always pay off.
  50. Never let a good opportunity go.

Fly away.


How difficult is it, to leave your comfort zone?

To find new grounds, in new grounds?

To have found a new nest.

But your head in the sky?

And fly away in glory.


Green Sky, Blue Grass

Pa: Show me what you got there.

Boy: I just made this scene from a picnic we went the other day. I was so excited about it and I finally got to draw it on my new sketchbook….and…

Pa: …Ya whatever…just show it already…

Pa: What’s this? Are you colorblind? Don’t you know that the sky is Blue and the grass is Green? Why did you reverse the color?

Boy: But Pa, that is something everyone does. I wanted to give it my twist. You know, how Orange is the new Black. So why can’t green be the new blue and blue be the new green?

Pa: How many times do I have to reiterate the rules? Rules that you shall not break. Or I shall break your back. Now scoot. And redraw the whole scenery. Use the colors as they are and not what you think they ought to be.

Boy: ……ok…….

His sketchbook remains empty till date.

9 Ways To Ward Off The Blues – My Way

Ups. Downs.

Million frowns.

And you had a bad day.

So, what do you do? Mope around the whole day? Letting the tide of sadness sweep away your life like dirt under the carpet?



Presenting the ‘my way or my way‘ of beating the blues before they beat you.

  1. Listen to a song that reminds you of happy days/brings back fond memories.
  2. Eat. Don’t binge eat. But take a break from the usual lunch, breakfast and dinner and try something bizarre.
  3. Bring home lots of bubble kits/machines. Go to an open space, preferably when there is lots of sunshine. Blow bubbles till the bubble mix is over. Then, get some more and continue!
  4. Learn slangs in foreign languages. Watch funny YouTube videos. There is a sea of things for you to explore on the internet. Don’t just sit there and put on your exploring boots. Maybe, you can learn how to talk to Llamas or spit like them!
  5. Pin It! You have no idea about the power of Pinterest, until and unless you try it. It’s never-ending bucket of things you can learn and do.
  6. Try your hand at doodling. Everyone can doodle. So don’t make the age-old excuse of ‘I suck at drawing thingies’!
  7. Bake. I suck at it. But it takes my mind off things. Well, you can end up burning what you make, which is again, a good thing. Allow a few, fatal mistakes and before you know it, you’ll be able to give Martha Stewart a run for her money. You may want to take a look at this video for reference:
  8. Break out of your comfort zone. This is what I call ‘shock treatment’. Don’t like getting wet in rain? Go rightaway and do that. Or at least stand under the shower and get wet from head to toe, fully clothed! Sounds odd, but doable. Make a bucketlist of things you are scared to do and accomplish them, one at a time!
  9. Take a day off. And spend it the way you want to. Worrying about nothing and no one.

That’s it from my kitty. What do you do to ward off blues?

Set trends. Not follow them blindly.

Pardon me please, if you don’t like anything I am going to pen down after this sentence.

So, the thing is, I dislike blending into the crowd.

The crowd that follows all “trends”. Not because the trends have any use in their lives or make a difference to them, but because they want to get a hang of being termed the “hip and happening”.

Let me list some of these for you, so that you can get a better idea:

  • Eating  dessert from Mason Jars because it is ‘Oh So Instagrammy’.
  • Drinking coffee and eating pasta, because tea is uncool and eating mom-made flatbread or rotis will lead them to take a public ‘walk of shame’.
  • Organizing overpriced trade fair and calling it a ‘Flea Market’.
  • Wearing geeky-glasses. Especially when the glass-wearers used to make fun of their classmates for wearing glasses and gave them all sorts of nicknames.
  • Doing everything Boho but not knowing what Bohemian sub-culture is. Apply this to the Gothic sub-culture too.
  • Being pseudo-fans of art, movies, series, music bands. Calling themselves art-connoisseurs, movie-buffs, music aficionados etc. etc. Add to this booklovers, when all they read is a bunch of crappy novels.
  • Visiting places as tourists because 100s of others have been there and done that. Then turn into travelers hit by wanderlust. This miracle happens overnight.
  • Must have all the apps, even if it means using the apps for only one feature. To be a part of the coolest people in town.
  • Not knowing the difference between recycled or made to look recycled.

The more I see people of this group, I turn to the opposite direction. And run.

Maybe, this is the reason why I am happy staying indoors. Instead of reading people (with herd-mentality) and their actions. Not judging, but comparing them. Segregating them in tribes. A tribe, which I will never be able to belong to.


Living With Insomnia

The clock strikes 11 pm.

Even as the back of my head touches the pillow, I am wide awake. Like a child who’s been given a bedtime but doesn’t really want to adhere to it and wants to watch TV with the grown-ups.

Wait. I am a grown-up. Who made these rules anyway?

At this point, I open my laptop and stare at the screen. Finding my way from an old movie to nonstop YouTube videos. My internet raid doesn’t end there. As the clock strikes 2 am, I am practically neck-deep in information from all over the world. My eyes feel dry. I can’t close them, can’t blink. Can’t sleep.

I continue to wear my explorer boots and step into another session of internet treasure hunt. Watch short movies, series and everything in between. Sleep evades me. I am sleepy by this time, but not sleepy enough.

I look at the time.

The clock strikes 6 am.

In two hours, I need to hit the road for work. I refuse to listen to the voices in my head. Firmly pull the blanket over. And toss and turn for an hour. Sleep at 7 am. Wake at 7.30 am. Hit the roads at 8 am.