50 Things The year 2016 Taught Me


Another year comes to a close. For me, this year has been an immense learning experience. Here I am sharing with you some of the things that the outgoing year taught me, in no particular order:

  1. How not to make an omelette.
  2. The value of money.
  3. Marriage is not for everyone.
  4. Some wounds never heal.
  5. It is important to watch more movies.
  6. History will always repeat itself.
  7. Murphy’s Law is for real.
  8. Some men are asses.
  9. Some women are asses too.
  10. Sometimes goodbye is the only way.
  11. Backstabbers are hit by Karma.
  12. Karma hits everyone.
  13. It is easy to move on.
  14. It is easy to cut off.
  15. Happiness is found within.
  16. Internet is boon and bane.
  17. Digital detox is a must.
  18. You don’t need Snapchat to survive.
  19. Other people’s heartbreaks can scar you for life.
  20. Knowledge can make and break you.
  21. Be a giver. 
  22. It is difficult to love someone completely.
  23. It is easier to fall in love with a dog.
  24. Dogs are depressed too.
  25. French is difficult.
  26. Nightmares can turn into reality and scare the daylights out of you.
  27. It is not good to expect a lot from J.K.Rowling.
  28. #Using #Hashtags #Can #Be #Pain
  29. You can write a blog without using profanity.
  30. George R R Martin is slower than a sloth.
  31. US Presidential Election was entertaining.
  32. Chetan Bhagat never learns.
  33. TV is passe. 
  34. Indian arranged marriages are 99% sham.
  35. We need more dinosaur movies.
  36. Blogging can be a sweet re-vent.
  37. One can never have too many diaries or books.
  38. People will never take lessons from past.
  39. It is fun to be awake at 3 am and do nothing.
  40. You never have to apologise for things you never done.
  41. Always take backup. Always.
  42. We need more Nifflers.
  43. All that glitters is not gold.
  44. I am not a cat person.
  45. Wearing traditional garb can take up to 3 hours.
  46. Never trust someone who talks sickly sweet.
  47. All hypocrites say they are not hypocrites. CC: Gold-diggers.
  48. Laughter is the best medicine. Sleep is the second best.
  49. Hard work and blessings always pay off.
  50. Never let a good opportunity go.

Fly away.


How difficult is it, to leave your comfort zone?

To find new grounds, in new grounds?

To have found a new nest.

But your head in the sky?

And fly away in glory.


Mini-Stories: The Maid

She worked at my household for many years.

She had the following things on her, always:

  • Her kid.
  • Snuff box.
  • A lion’s claw.
  • A deep scar on her left forearm.





Breathe In. Breathe Out.

Someone needs to keep calm. Really calm.

Not fidget around. Or play with her hair. Licking lips a thousand and one times per hour. Listening to the birds chirp, the leaves rustle, the winds swoosh, the water droplets only makes her more anxious. Turns her thinking cap alive. A tsunami of thoughts wash her present away. Worries wrap her, hug her tight. A familiar feeling. She wants to let go. She doesn’t want to let go.

Breathing is no more a prerequisite of existence for her. It is an exercise she needs to do. Quite unwillingly.

Moper, she was not. Still is not. But the tears sting her eyes every few seconds. The pain she can’t show. How can she show? Who invented the words that describe the color of pain like red is the color of blood when you are physically hurt.

Men, she wants not. Distance, she needs and craves. And a deep dark cave, custom made for her. To shrink away and hide, from everyone and every thing. To never emerge. Count her own heartbeats in silence. Her own breathing space, where she breathes in and breathes out.



The colorful cards and letters that occupy an entire wall of her room, act as the percolator for thoughts, well wishes, love, hug and warm handshakes.

The tattered and battered books that line up her shelves is a doorway to a world that belongs to her and her alone.

The diaries have a zillion pieces of her aching heart, ringing laughter and sweet secrets. The handwriting changed, the thoughts changed too. The innocence didn’t.

A bucket lies in the patio outside, full of pebbles, shells and unidentified curios the beaches across the world has gifted her.

The drawers of her dresser hold less makeup and more memories. The photographs almost threaten to spill over, if not shifted to a bigger space.

The souvenirs from loved ones lie quietly in a trunk. She opens it once every month, caresses them carefully, a hint of smile on her lips. And closes the trunk to keep away her precious belongings from the prying eyes.

She often wonders, what will happen to her possessions after her. Will anyone know their true worth?

Being Selfish

So, as I was on a writing spree today, I came across this wonder-lady’s post.


A bit about this lady – she’s a storyteller and a good one at that. The more I read, the more I know, the more I like her as a person. Here’s me taking a writing prompt from her post and jotting my thoughts on my space.

Some people are all about heartbreaks. 

Some are plain silly love sick.

Others are love addicts.

I don’t know what I am. Commitment-phobic? Unable to reciprocate? Builder of walls and shackles and chains? Perhaps I will never know. Until I meet “the one”.

But wait. I am not done yet. I am not waiting, yet. And why should I? I have everything I want and more. At least the ones on my priority list is ticked off over the years and no, I never felt the need for “the one”, ever. Yes, I yearn for a dog, because you know, unconditional love will always win over unrequited love (I am talking about other being here, not me). That pretty much sums up my life and need at this very moment.

If “the one” does come along, sooner or later, there has to be a lot of time that is going to pass until the ice gets broken, melted and watered, evaporated between us. I don’t see that happening any soon. Because I am a homebody and love the walls of my room, my space more than anything else.

And I have tons of work and assignments to take care of. Where, I ask, is the time for LOVE? I don’t even get the time to completely indulge in my hobbies.

So, maybe, the soulmate has to appear out of a dusty-rusty old lamp left by some fakir in front of my door or as my parents put it “do you want someone to be custom-made” for you?

The truth is – I don’t know. I don’t want to know. 🙂

Why waste time in meaningless worries of the future!!!

But if I had a time turner and the luck, I would love to find my “the one” exactly like how they show in this new-age advertisement. Frame by frame.

One Random Indian Novel

In November I did two things.

  1. I watched Dear Zindagi
  2. I read One Indian Girl

Both these are poles apart from each other.

While the movie sings paeans on empowering our decisions with not so much focus on “feminism”, the latter is a rickety ride on a road riddled with potholes and plot loopholes and made me reach out for cups of coffee after coffee.

I have attempted to write my views on Dear Zindagi here.

Reaching for the “novel” by Mr. Bhagat, I don’t understand what the author was trying to establish in the book. Let me sum it up in some lameass points for the lack of better words.

  • Girl-Meets-Guys-Gets Heartbroken-Confused-Almost Marries-Ditches-Goes On A Trip-Meets New and Improved Ex-Almost Married Person Over Coffee.
  • Filthy Rich Girl-Destination Wedding-Compromises-Indian Parents’ Woes-Can’t Make One Decision Properly-Screws Up Lives.
  • Girl Screws Up Many Lives Because She Earns A Lot And The Expenses Of Wedding Will Be Taken Care Of.

Apparently, the book is all about “to hell with human emotions” because someone is fickle-minded and rich. That gives them the liberty to toy with so many things at stake.

And this isn’t even a potboiler as some people call Mr.Bhagat’s books. It is random bits and pieces of “judgmental” notions thrown in together as a book. But essentially, it shows the pressure on Chetan Bhagat to churn out another “bestseller” because his fans are not getting any action from other works of literature.

And the biggest annoying factor throughout the book was – conversion of dollars into rupees. Because hey, currency converter apps are light years away from us. Isn’t it? Or maybe he was just foreshadowing the entire demonetization thing in India!! Who knows?

On this note, I leave you to watch this episode of Chetan Bhagat with Arnub.