Dear Pune: Peth Area

Dear Pune,

You have a slice of my homeplace in the Peth areas. Old places never cease to charm me and having made it a temporary abode at a PG, has led me to foster warm friendships and meet people who are as simple as simple should be. Never change.



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Sacred Games – Ya, Ya. I Started Watching It.

I started with Sacred Games after 2338538438699 people have already devoured the entire series. I am slow. And I am proud of it. Because I am finding it disturbing (the gore, the profanity) on many levels. Not even through one episode, but immensely like how a book has been adapted into this series. Which is, not a surprise given the fact the creative geniuses at the helm.

So anyway, it is going to be 1 episode every two or three days. 😀

Moon Obsessions


We all want a piece of the moon for ourselves.

But I don’t get the obsession.

It is after all, a circular, white disk of object in space.


When Puneri Auto People Go “Gheunn Taak”!!

I’m on my two months in the city and apart from “Patkan”, the other new word I have added to my repository of Marathi words and phrases is “Gheun Taak” (let it be/leave it). More than anything else, one place or one niche where I am experiencing a lot of “Gheun Taak” is Pune’s Autowala’s. Who, will not take you to places they won’t like. Ask exorbitant rates (3 times), when they see a person literally stranded.

I think they are also staunch believers in Vastu/Feng Shui. Because they will not budge from their afternoon siesta, morning cuppa or going in one-way/crowded locales. Priorities. Priorities.

And they will use their code words and push each other to take the passenger. But won’t ever move a muscle when they are in their elements.

All they want to say is Gheun Taak to passengers like me. Who faced the same problem irrespective of going to office 3 km away or PG 6 km away.

Then they blame OLA, Uber for eating into their livelihood. *slow clap*

Titanium – Not by Sia

What doesn’t break you, makes you stronger.

What is broken, can be fixed sometimes.

Wounds will heal. Scars will remain.

Should probably sleep.

Bits and pieces

Wind Beneath My Wings

Color Me Pink

Fresh off the tree